• Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 22nd Edition DVD Content – 1 Intro to Troubleshooting
  • Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 22nd Edition DVD Content – Inside All In One Systems
  • Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 22nd Edition DVD Content – Power Supply Troubleshooting
  • Upgrading and Repairing PCs 22nd Edition PDF
  • Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 22nd Edition DVD Content – 5 Inside Solid State Drives
  • Upgrading & Repairing PCs, 19th Edition (Processor Design and Evolution)
  • JJITTC CompTIA A+ Chapter 2 – BIOS/UEFI
  • Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 22nd Edition DVD Content – Motherboard Memory and CPU Troubleshooting
  • Upgrading & Repairing PCs, 21st Edition DVD Content – Video 2: Detailed Motherboard Tour
  • Upgrading and Repairing PCs 22nd Edition
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DVD-ROM Includes 3 hours of new how-to video

For more than 25 years, Upgrading and Repairing PCs has been the world’s #1 guide to PC hardware: The single source for reliable information on how PCs work, troubleshooting and fixing problems, adding hardware, optimizing performance, and building new PCs. This 22nd edition offers beefed-up coverage of the newest hardware innovations and maintenance techniques, plus more than two hours of new video.

Scott Mueller delivers practical answers about PC processors, mother-boards, buses, BIOSes, memory, SSD and HDD storage, video, audio, networks, Internet connectivity, power, and much more. You’ll find the industry’s best coverage of diagnostics, testing, and repair—plus cutting-edge discussions of improving PC performance via overclocking and other techniques.

Mueller has taught thousands of professionals in person and millions more through his books and videos—nobody knows more about keeping PCs running perfectly. Whether you’re a professional technician, a small business owner trying to save money, or a home PC enthusiast, this is the only PC hardware book you need!


The newest processors, including Intel’s latest Core i Haswell processors and AMD’s Kaveri core processors.

Everything you need to know about the latest GPU technology from NVIDIA and AMD, including developments in OpenGL, DirectX, and Mantle.

New firmware innovations like the InSyde BIOS, Back to BIOS buttons, and all the updated settings available for the newest processors and chipsets.

The latest in updated home networking standards, from blazing fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi to HomeGrid and G.hn powerline networking.

Ever larger storage, thanks to new technologies like helium-filled hard disks, shingled magnetic recording, and Cfast and XQD for flash memory.

Emerging interfaces such as mSATA, USB 3.1, and M.2

Updated coverage of building PCs from scratch—from choosing and assembling hardware through BIOS setup and troubleshooting


Get 3 hours of up-to-the minute, studio-quality how-to videos—all playable on your DVD player or computer! In this edition, Scott Mueller delivers a complete seminar on PC troubleshooting, teaching you how to identify and resolve an array of common and not-so-common PC problems.

From detailed explanations on all the tools that should be a basic part of any PC toolkit, to all the critical rules you should follow to safely operate on your PC’s internal components, in these videos Scott Mueller ensures you are equipped with everything you need to know to successfully resolve your PC’s problems.

From there, Scott takes you through a complete disassembly of an All-in-One (AiO) system, showing just what you can do to keep these specialized systems running smoothly. Finally, there is a detailed look at today’s ultra-fast solid state disk drives (SSD) and the benefits they bring to modern systems.

This DVD also contains the complete 19th and 20th editions of this book in printable form, plus extensive technical reference material, a comprehensive glossary, and more!

“…continually revised and updated to reflect the ever-changing PC landscape. A resource from my PC repair days, Scott Mueller’s tome is one of the books that has stayed on my bookshelf
throughout the years.”

—Adam Overa, Managing Editor, Tom’s Hardware

Product Details

  • Series: Upgrading and Repairing
  • Hardcover: 1176 pages
  • Publisher: Que Publishing; 22 edition (July 17, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0789756102
  • ISBN-13: 978-0789756107
  • Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 2.6 x 9.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4.3 pounds

Customer Reviews

Mueller always give us a good and technically understandable narration within the reach of anyone …

2 people found this helpful.
 on November 18, 2016
By ReneRLopez-Dorticos
A technical book for everyone

The best in its field

6 people found this helpful.
 on August 18, 2015
By Brian
As so many have said, over past editions, this latest (#22) is excellent. I think it would be very difficult to find another source as comprehensive, current and well written.

The ultimate PC Bible is here!

 on September 28, 2017
By Slam86
The cream of the crop of PC Bibles, the ultimate repair and troubleshooting guide for the discriminating PC owner and professionals alike is a must have book in any library. With this new edition release, you can keep up with all the new technology and know-how of building and repairing personal computers. The include DVD-ROM contains helpful videos and information on the disc, there is also useful internet links throughout the book too. Happy reading, my fellow PC enthusiasts!

This is a must own and must read book!

4 people found this helpful.
 on June 5, 2013
By Robert S. Lyss
This is truly an incredible book. Virtually everything related to PC hardware is covered in detail. This 21st edition is the latest update and I find I read at least every third edition from cover to cover, even though I am not a computer professional. The writing is quite good and actually pretty entertaining. There indeed is a lot of stuff from previous editions but that is the nature of a book about a rapidly evolving technology. The author works hard to keep the book at a “reasonable” length by taking less used information out and putting it on the companion disk. If you want to know how each hard drive type works or how each modern connector is configured, it’s all in here. About the only complaint I could have is with the book’s title “Upgrading and Repairing PCs” since the book is so much more than that. That title is now as outdated as was the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe Trilogy” when the fifth volume came out.

All you ever need to know about building a computer

 on April 21, 2017
By Mia pabon
All you ever need to know about building a computer. This book version for was actually a requirement in college and one of my computer classes. So I have actually tried to follow the versions every second one and purchase the book and he still holding true his information is priceless in the areas of computers . And it’s well worth the money and now we get a CD inside

Great Book to have if building or troubleshooting a PC

16 people found this helpful.
 on April 16, 2013
By Lawrence Tuczynski
This is a great book to have if building or troubleshooting a PC. It’s very up to date with the latest technologies. I’ve bought the previous two versions when they came out and this latest version doesn’t disappoint. The book also comes with a DVD with interesting how-to information as have previous versions. The contents on the DVD’s for each book are different. Great reference book and usable information. The DVD alone is almost worth the cost of the book.

Stop getting cheated by a bunch of Geeks

 on October 4, 2015
By Earl M.
All the questions you’ve been afraid to ask get answered here. I’ve got every edition since the first. Scott Mueller knows whats going on that darn PC and he knows how to pass that information on to you so you can not only understand it, but use it to kick your slow under powered PC back into high gear. Stop getting hammered by a bunch of Geeks who only want to sell you extra junk that won’t fix your issues. Fix it yourself the first time and save that cash for a new video card or to max out your ram. No more squads of fools who can’t even get their own machines to work like they should. Get this book and a basic computer tool kit (or just use the screw drivers you already own, but get a static wrist strap) and do it yourself then you’ll know its done right. Unlock the mysteries for yourself.

Excellent refersher and tool

2 people found this helpful.
 on August 12, 2013
By Lance D. Ripplinger
This book is packed full of so much information, you have to just take it one page at a time. I have had experience with computers going all the way back to CP/M on 8bit Zilog processors, and even I have learned many new things in this book. Scott Mueller writes in a very engaging, and very easy to understand way. He has extensive charts and tables, to illustrate or compare different processors, and numerous other hardware. Just the timeline in the beginning of the book is a treasure trove, as you trace the rise of the transistor, which made vacuum tubes obsolete almost overnight. The PC is an incredible complex piece of engineering, and I very strongly believe you must have a passion for it to truly grasp how to successfully diagnose and repair.You will be amazed at how much you thought you knew, that you really don’t. This book is a must have!

It gets better and better

14 people found this helpful.
 on May 2, 2013
By Tom Hocking
If you were a computer technician and could own just one computer reference book, this should be it. One could spend hours singing the praises of Scott’s outstanding reference series (and many have), but I’ll keep it short here: Get it, refer to it, and when you get bored, read something in it–just for fun! It may seem high-priced, but when you factor in the one-stop-shopping convenience of how-to videos and technical knowledge in one volume (and the electronic versions of the past two editions included with your purchase), it is worth every penny.

Its an awesome book whether you’re a novice or an expert

2 people found this helpful.
 on August 29, 2015
By Jithendra
This is the 6th version of this book I’ve bought. It has become a truly indispensable resource when it comes to assembling and upgrading computers. I got my first one when I was 9 years old and it ignited my passion to take apart computers. Here I am 20+ years later with masters degree in computer engineering. Its an awesome book whether you’re a novice or an expert.

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