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Trading Forex: Jim’s FOREX books are consistently ranked BEST SELLERS on Amazon and there is a very good reason for this. At no extra cost (or on-costs) Jim shares with his readers:

Trading Forex custom indicators for the MT4 MetaTrader platform, as a download at the end of the book. AND anyone who has received these indicators will also receive the MT5 version of his files when they have been programmed.
An invitation to join his Facebook Group which has new as well as experienced Forex Traders contributing.
Daily interaction in his Facebook Group
He calls his trades live, shares his results AND records a weekly trade analysis video.
His contact details if you require further clarification.

While Divergence may sound a little technical and intimidating, Jim assures you that it is easy to understand when you know what you are looking for. Some even consider Divergence to be a leading indicator. Basically, it is the difference between what the actual price on the chart is doing and what an Oscillator type indicator is doing. This book will use the same principles as his MT4 High Probability Forex Trading Method, but it is a stand-alone book and concentrates more on trading with Divergence. Jim has no affiliation with any links included in the book and there are no up-sells or ongoing costs for this method, his custom indicators, template etc. Also worthy of mention is that this Method can be used with any other financial instrument that your MT4 platform offers.

Here is an outline of what is included:

1. A downloadable package which includes Jim’s personal custom indicators:

QMP Filter 1.01.ex4
P4L PeriodCon 509.ex4
MACD Platinum Book.tpl
Forex Multiple Trade Calculator.xlsx

2. 50+ images to explain Forex Trading using divergence (access to download/print)

3. A video with instructions on how to load the template and indicators to your MT4 platform.

4. The Table of Contents outline includes:

What Is Divergence?
Setting Up The Charts
The Basic Concept Of This Trading Method
Trading With Divergence
Some Observations About Divergence
Various Examples Of Divergence
Entering A Trade After Divergence Has Been Identified
Trade Examples On The GBP/JPY 4hr Chart
‘Tight’ Divergence
The Smart Way To Trade This
Stop Loss Placement
Trade Re-Entry Technique
Trend Losing Steam And Time To Take Action
Divergence Formed On The Wrong Side Of The MACD Platinum Zero Level
Trade Management
High Risk Money Management Technique

What people are saying:

This book is very informative and presents a nice trading strategy that is easy to understand. The author also supplies a link to the indicators he uses which can be downloaded for free. One of the best Forex books I have read! – Dave C

I would definitely recommend this book. There are many indicators and all kinds of trading strategies. However, getting to know about trading with divergence will give a big heads up whats coming next. – Erdene-amgalan

Top notch! This book, like all other previous Jim’s book I read, is simply great. Very simple to read with plenty of trade examples. With some basic trading notion this book is certainly a great help. It’s good to have it in my own library. I would certainly suggest it. – Valerio M

Trading Forex article:

Keep The Profits Rolling In The Forex Market With These Tips

Some moves you make in life are inevitably going to be better than others. That’s why they say you win some and you lose some. The goal is to win far more than you lose, and reading this article and soaking up the forex tips below will ensure that you win more trades than you lose when playing the market.

The best forex traders maintain a constant calm when they trade. Seeing profits tempts a trader in to undue enthusiasm, but the experienced trader resists these urges. Being swayed by emotional energy leads a trader into making ill-considered trades that neglect his or her risk. A good deal can turn sour all too quickly when an over-enthusiastic trader leaps into it without looking first.

If you end up with a big loss, get out for a while. Take a break. Many FOREX traders lose sight of their trading plans when hit with a big loss. They end up trying to “�get revenge’ on the market by working exclusively with the same currency – that was used at the time of the loss – to try to recover.

When you first start trading forex consider opening a “cent” account or something similar so you can trade in very small amounts. This allows you to practice trading on the real market without risking much per trade. You can try different strategies and learn how trading works in the real market.

Study the Forex markets before buying positions. Many people see trading Forex as a get rich quick scheme, but like any activity you’ve got to study a little before getting heavily involved. You’ll find the markets much kinder to your account when you learn a bit first about the markets themselves.

If you are a beginner, look for a broker that offers a practice account. These accounts allow you to invest small sums of money and provide tutorials. You should progress quickly with a good beginner’s account, and not lose too much money. A practice account also allows you to test a broker.

In order to learn good trading Forex strategies in the foreign exchange market it is very important to master a currency pair. Read on news about those countries and take note on how their currency acts. Jumping between different currencies could be a recipe for disaster and this could be avoided by this strategy.

If you are having a hard time with forex charts because they can be so complex, you should at first rely on analysis from brokers that you trust. Compare their analysis with the chart and try to understand their perception and judgment. You should be able to read charts by yourself once you understand how brokers do it.

Choose the right time frame that works for you when trading. Some people like to take their time when they are choosing their move while others are fast past and don’t like to wait around to make their move. By choosing to take it slow you have enough time to analyze and make the right decision.

Trading Forex has advantages over stocks. To be successful on the stock market you need to choose from 8,000 companies while in forex trading there are four major currency pairs to consider. Forex has a 24 hour market, brokers are open for 24 hours and you have the ability to trade for 24 hours so you can even set your own timeframe to work.

As you read, the more you can improve your winning percentage, the better you’re going to do in the market. The idea behind reading these tips should be to get you ready to make the right moves in the market. Applying what you learned throughout this article will put you in a great position.

Have you heard of Forex Trendy? You should check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Buy the other book "High Probability Forex Trading" then buy this book…you’ll have another trick up your sleeve!!!

 on January 13, 2017
By Eliel John J Malabar
Another great book by Jim.

Excellent book for trading strategies and money management

 on January 10, 2017
By Amazon Customer
This book is more concentrated on Jim’s latest trading strategy than in Forex itself, I would strongly recomend to at least have bought one of the 2 previous books from Jim to fully understand and get the most of this one. Again, Jim does a really nice work on this book since you can sense his experience speaking for him all the way through it. As an author, I havent seen once who provides such personal trading support and trading instruments, as Jim does. If you are new to trading (the kind of “new” who already has a trading account but isnt consistently making money) then this book will clear the specific trading doubts that you have. As an example, it really helped me in regards to stop loss order placement. Divergence, although a little bit complicated to apply to your trading at first, is explained well, as Jim does a nice work on teaching you his method. In regards to the trading system he provides, I havent really tested it but having experienced the previous one he provided and seeing the new one on the book’s charts I will test it, and I truly hope it can improve my trading (since the last one really surprised me on it’s performance and my profits). It is important for you know that a trading system is NOT all you need to make money. It is indeed a powerful tool to boost your trading success but ISNT everything and you cant rely 100% on it to make money, you have to have good money management, discipline, self-control and more knowledge about forex in general.

I came across Jim’s first book and thought it too good to be true

 on March 28, 2017
Disclaimer: I read all three of Jim’s books and will be posting the same review for all three.

Another Great Book by Jim Brown!

 on April 13, 2017
By Doug R
This is the third book (currently) on Forex by Jim Brown. It explains and expands on the trading system in his second book, MT4 High Probability Trading Method. I highly recommend this book, and his previous two, for several reasons. This book is short and right to the point, it provides a trading system that you can begin trading with and learn from quickly, the book is well priced, and the author has been very accessible and helpful through email, Facebook, and You Tube videos. I have read other books and gotten a lot of great information, but have been overwhelmed and intimidated on where to begin trading. After reading this book I opened my trading account and began trading. It was because of these books providing a great starting point and focusing on one strategy that I was able to do this. This would be a great book to read for anyone interested in Forex. I didn’t learn everything I’ve learned about Forex from this book, but most importantly to me, this book got me to begin trading!

Simple and down to earth

 on March 22, 2017
By Hizic
This isn’t your wall street complex get rich quick kind of book. The author is humble, simple and very generous for offering up his knowledge. Not only that but the strategy works! Divergence is amazing. I havent seen an example yet where it hasn’t worked for me. I’m sure I will see one but the fact that it works a large majority of the time is gold for forex traders.

I highly recommend all of them

 on May 27, 2017
By ankit
This book is the 3rd in the series of books written by Jim. I highly recommend all of them. This book although is for people who already have some experience using the method described in the second book “MT4 High probability trading method” to further refine their entry and exit points. This book is also very straight to the point like other books written by Jim. The author does not believe in adding fluff for making the book longer and thicker. I really like that aspect.

Deep dive to momentum / price divergence

 on August 22, 2017
By Matti
Have all the Jim’s books as I like the down to earth, honest and practical way how the things are explained and written. Potentially forex can be very complex topic. This book is focusing on momentum / price divergence and explains how to get a heads up warning if the trend is changing. Very interesting method which is well explained. Book provide actionable information and easy to follow mechanical trading system(s) which can be downloaded (MT4 templates and indicators based on modified MACD) which author himself is using. Source codes are also available and open. System provides clear entry and exit rules, no need second guessing. I think all 3 books are good information for people seriously looking to enter forex 4h / 1d time-frame trend trading. Email support is great.

I have come to the conclusion that Jim’s books have provided me the best bang for my buck

 on July 26, 2018
By Alan Furth
I read all of Jim’s trading books, and this one put everything together for me in an invaluable way. The divergence trading strategies outlined in this book are by themselves worth its price. But the reader gets the bonus of a comprehensive review of Jim’s High Probability trading method. This acts as a thorough refresher of the concepts outlined in more detail in Jim’s High Probability Method book, and I definitely feel this allowed me to get a much firmer grasp of Jim’s trading system as a whole. I was completely new to forex trading a few months ago, and after reading and re-reading about a dozen introductory books on the subject, I have come to the conclusion that Jim’s books have provided me the best bang for my buck. I just closed my very first month of live trading with a profit, and can fairly say that Jim’s method is the foundation of my own. At least for me, it did help to have a bit of a more in-depth review of the basics before I started implementing Jim’s method on a demo account, so I highly recommend reading his “Basics” book first. After that, my personal favorites for reviewing and the basics are BabyPips.com’s free “How to Trade Forex” online course, and/or Kathleen Brooks and Brian Dolan’s “Currency Trading for Dummies” (if you’re skeptical of the Dummies franchise like I was, trust me, you’ll be surprised by how useful this book is). Once those are done with, then go straight to the other two of Jim’s gems, and you’ll be ahead of 90% of most folks who waste thousands on flashy courses peddled by the forex “gurus” that pullulate on the interwebz.

Great Book on Divergence.

 on June 21, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Just recently read this book and I have to say that this is a fantastic educational book on divergence. Price action is king however developing a good understanding on how to incorporate divergence into your price action trading can greatly increase your trading success. I would highly recommend this book to new traders who are in the start of their trading journey or even traders that have been in the markets for years.

Definitely What You Expect!

 on September 2, 2017
By Joseph J.
This is a great third book in his Forex series since it builds on what he wrote in his previous two books (he even tells you not to worry if you haven’t read the previous two books and explains what you need to know, HOW THOUGHTFUL!). Anyway, he tells you EVERYTHING that you need to know: basic concepts, how to apply those concepts, what to expect (good and bad), how to trade the strategy, and how to use it or alter the strategy for yourself. He’s explained all the necessary scenarios on before, during, and after this strategy is used. I can’t thank him enough on how this book is well-written for this topic.

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