Top Class Competitors by Stephane Carelli

Top Class Competitors: How Nations, Firms and Individuals Succeed in the New World of Competitiveness; a book by Stephane Carelli. Top Class Competitors was written by Stephane Carelli. Three decades ago competitiveness was unheard-of; today it has taken the world by storm. But what is it? And will it last? In Top Class Competitors St├ęphane Garelli - professor at IMD business school where he is also head of the World Competitiveness Centre, professor at the University of Lausanne, and former managing director of the World Economic Forum - defines competitiveness as the ability of a nation, company or individual to manage a set of disparate competencies to achieve prosperity. For instance, along with traditional policies a nation must tackle education and security to sustain economic development. Companies must manage soft issues such as brands to beat the competition. And individuals must reinvent themselves to survive. These fields of research did not exist until recently - n…
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