Stanpac, manufacturing dairy and beverage packaging for companies located throughout the United States, Canada and many locations worldwide for more than 60 years.

Stanpac was launched more than 6 decades ago. For over 60 years, Stanpac has been producing dairy and drink packaging for organizations situated all through the United States, Canada and numerous areas around the world. In 1949, Stanpac gave terminations to glass drain bottles. From that point forward, we have constantly extended our product offerings with new items and developments for the ice cream, liquid drain, wine and spirits markets.

The development of an awesome organization proceeds with the presentation of new items, sizes and designs for a consistently evolving market. With 7 licenses in more than 20 nations, we are perceived by our clients as imaginative and client centered.

Yard Boxes and Wire Carriers

Stanpac’s idea of “Everything except for the Milk” is finished with drain cartons, wire transporters, and helpful shopper well disposed handles accessible as of now introduced on our containers. Cases are accessible for quarts and half gallons, come in a few unique hues, and can even be printed with your logo. Wire transporters for quarts and half gallons make home conveyance simple.

Terminations, Handles and Cases

Stanpac has been producing milk bottle terminations since our most punctual hour in 1949. While despite everything we create a portion of similar terminations we made in those days, we have mixed it up of new items to meet our client’s evolving needs. The most widely recognized conclusion is the 48mm TEC (alter apparent conclusion). 48mm speaks to the external measurement (OD) of the neck of the container. The more extensive the opening of the jug the less demanding it is to clean and evacuate any remote protests that may get into the jug. We additionally make a 38mm TEC that is likewise utilized by some of our clients.

Topping hardware is accessible to apply the terminations to your holder on the filling line. Our specialized group will talk about your particular needs and make the suitable proposals.

Plastic handles are utilized by various dairies that need to give added accommodation to their clients. Handles come introduced on your containers. They are likewise accessible by the case with the goal that you can supplant handles that may wind up plainly harmed or broken after some time.

Plastic separated containers for half gallons and quarts are accessible in custom hues and hot stamped with your dairy name on them. Plain containers are accessible and are in stock for quick shipment. These light weight cases are sturdy and stackable. The dividers shield the jugs from touching each other which limits scratching and scraping.

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Ice Cream Packaging

Stanpac produces an entire line of ice cream packaging and holders to address the issues of the present business. We pride ourselves on an abnormal state of service and conveyance all through North America. Offices in Texas and Ontario guarantee that we get you what you need when you need it.Stanpac Ice Cream Packaging 16-ozcup-securtec100compositelid

Stanpac is here to serve you! Here’s the secret:

Stanpac ice cream packaging Securtec-Products

Stanpac has developed the SecurTEC™ line of tamper evident composite closures for the ice cream and frozen desert markets.

Quality Graphics

Stanpac’s lithographic printing capacities influence your items to hop off the rack. The customer just has a brief moment to either pick your bundle or pass you by and settle on another obtaining choice. Our ice cream packaging and printing abilities guarantee you don’t get cruised by.

Finish Line of Ice Cream Packaging

From 3 ounces to 64 ounces and numerous sizes in the middle. We have a size and shape to address your issue.

Filling Equipment

The Flex E Fill™ line of filling gear takes care of business. Since a long time ago considered the work steed of the business there is a Flex suited for your requirements. Snappy change parts enable you to fill different sizes and shapes with additional up time. We influence ice to cream packaging simple.


Our alter obvious packaging arrangements enhance line efficiencies, enhance bundle security and ensure your image.

Unrivaled Service

Stanpac’s legen’dairy service holds our clients returning a seemingly endless amount of time. Deals, client service and illustrations individuals realize that you are the client and sign our compensation checks.

Glass Milk Bottles Wholesale

We Sell Glass Milk Bottles Wholesale!

In our glass drain bottles discount business we have glass bottles that range in measure from half-pints to half-gallons. They can be for all time imprinted in up to four hues with your logo. These re-usable glass drain bottle holders can be utilized for something beyond drain. The nostalgic look and feel of the containers is incredible for curiosity things. They are utilized for everything from water to individual care, from sauces to cleanser, and from special things to candles.

Dairy Packaging

Glass, isn’t only for drain any longer!

Glass Dairy Packaging

As the resurgence of glass proceeds for drain, numerous dairies are widening their product offering to dairy results, for example, yogurt, margarine, crème fraiche, curds, and spreads. Glass packaging separates your top notch items from the rest. No other packaging demonstrates your client a characteristic top notch item like a glass compartment. Separating yourself in the commercial center is vital to the accomplishment of your business.

Accessible in both 4.70 oz. (139ml) measure with a plastic snap on or a thwart warm seal cover, and 8 oz. (236.59ml) measure with a plastic snap on top. Much the same as our glass drain bottles, these containers meet your customers want for taste, immaculateness, and sparing the earth.


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