RealtyBid, Online Real Estate Auctions of properties offered by motivated sellers who are willing to make a deal. On RealtyBid, it’s always a buyer’s market. is a leader in online real estate selling and buying. We have auctioned more than 100,000 real estate properties online. Over the last decade, RealtyBid has become the go-to website for exciting real estate buying opportunities for investors as well as an unsurpassed property exit strategy, which helps sellers move properties faster and at a greater profit. Tony Isbell and his partners  launched in 2001. Isbell acquired valuable experience in the live auction enterprise and was responsible for the sale of thousands of homes and commercial assets across the nation. Isbell executed many of the largest real estate auctions occurring in the United States, including the sale of one of the nation’s most pristine Southern golf course properties for more than $27 million, the sale of a Northern California development property for $12.4 million, and the sale of a major resort development property in South Florida for $14.5 million.

For serious investors, our website offers exciting buying opportunities, as well as an unsurpassed property exit strategy, which can help you sell your properties faster and at a greater profit. RealtyBid not only handles the entire buy and sell process via online bidding, but also completes the backend process, including contract and closing processing and real time reporting.

We specialize in the accelerated real estate sales through its innovative online bidding platform and values its reputation as a pioneer in the industry and as a customer-centered company. RealtyBid offers several classes in real estate, including bank-owned assets, investment properties, distinctive residences, condominiums, ranches and land, luxury properties, commercial assets, builder and developer events, and international properties. RealtyBid prides itself on being one of the most innovative companies within the real estate industry. With support from its highly trained staff, the company utilizes technology to make real estate transactions less cumbersome and more cost effective for all parties. A primary goal of RealtyBid is to continue to provide a vast number of investment opportunities at discounted prices to real estate buyers nationwide while positioning itself as an integral sales tool for those looking to sell properties in an accelerated time frame.

Properties are available for viewing and inspection by contacting the property’s listing agent/seller representative. The listing

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agent/seller representative’s name and contact information is indicated in the upper right corner of the property’s Bid Page.

If you are a winning bidder and you fail to complete the closing process due to fault of your own, a $500 penalty fee could be charged to your credit card. reserves the right to notify you of an approval of your bid for up to five business days after the conclusion of any auction. This allows our sellers time to evaluate your bid, speak with their agents and advisors, then communicate that approval back to the staff.  No bid shall be deemed fully approved by the seller until a written contract has been executed by both parties, regardless of the nature and circumstances of that potential transaction.

We are a proud Chronos Solutions affiliate company. Chronos Solutions is a real estate service firm focused on delivering high quality, customized transactional and business process management services to private sector and government clients.


RealtyBid Corporate Headquarters

  • RealtyBid International, LLC
  • 3225 Rainbow Drive, Suite 248
  • Rainbow City, AL 35906
  • Phone: 877-518-5600
  • Fax: 256-549-1885

AL Broker License:
Lic # 67506-0


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