Poweraid is a full service solar panels electric integrator focusing primarily in the residential on grid market in the United States.

Poweraid was Founded by a second generation solar entrepreneur. We  employ highly experienced solar professionals. We have brought together a team of industry leading experts to help vastly enhance your experience and opportunity as a solar customer.

A good way to begin the search is by asking family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers about their experience with local installers. We are a well known solar contractor in Irvine

  • Service Commitment and Great References
  • Right Certifications
  • Various Financing Options
  • Great Solar Rebates
  • Competitive Pricing

Poweraid’s Promise: We believe in the fundamental principle that if we treat our customer’s homes as if they were our own, in the end we will find more satisfied customers who will be happy to refer us to friends and family. We take the utmost pride in our workmanship, and we only hire employees who care about our standards, “Work is more than just a paycheck!” We plan on continuing to follow through with these promises by offering the highest quality products in the industry with top-rated customer support. In addition to residential solar electricity Poweraid sees an ever expanding future in the commercial renewable energy sector and energy efficiency market. Poweraid intends to expand its dominance into those sectors in the near future.

How can you own our solar system? There are two main options as a solar energy customer who looks to own your solar power system. You can either finance or pay up front.
Unsecure financing is the most popular option for purchasing a “YOU OWN IT” solar power system. You will be able to pay towards the asset of your solar energy system instead of to the utility company with no asset in hand. At the end of the unsecured finance term you will own outright the solar panels system and the electricity that it produces for the life of your solar power system.

Secured financing or your Poweraid solar panels system:

with secured financing, you will You will purchase your solar energy system by refinancing your home or using an existing equity line of credit. This can often be done at the purchase of a new home by purchasing your solar system and rolling it into the mortgage  of the home.

The last option is to pay by check or cash!

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