Karma Automotive, LLC, by the Chinese Automotive company Wanxiang America Corporation headquartered in Costa Mesa, California

Karma Automotive, LLC is an electric car company founded in 2015 as a new version of the company Fisker Automotive, which initially failed. It is owned by the chinese automotive company Wanxiang Group Corporation and produces plug-in electric-drive vehicles with a combination of battery-powered technologies. The cars are sold by dealers all across the USA under the leadership of Tom Corcoran (CEO) and Jim Taylor (CRO). The company’s latest model is the Revero Revero, which appears impressive with an exotic style or look and feel.

Claims by the company Karma Automotive:


Feel the endless torque produced by dual electric motors. Exhilarating. Smooth. Satisfying.


A luxury performance car with the spirit of a GT. Calm, planted, and composed at speed.


Six piston Brembo calipers. Combined with regenerative braking. It feels good to be in control.


Drive less than 50 miles a day? You will never buy gas. More? Feed the engine, and it will recharge the battery to provide up to 300 miles of range.



MSRP FROM $130,000
Vehicle Type Extended-Range Electric Vehicle
Frame / Construction Aluminium
Torque 981 ft.-lbs
Power 403 HP
Battery Capacity 21kWh
Charge Time 24 minutes, to 80% state of charge, when hooked to 40 KW DC/DC charger
Driving Range 50 miles all-electric; 300 miles total
Solar Roof Output 200w; provides up to 1000 miles per year of driving range

The badge on each Revero is hand-painted by an artist and set in a precision-machined ring of
aluminum. Look closely and you may notice some subtle differences between each unique piece, so every car we make is truly one of a kind.

BRAKES The Revero’s monobloc six-piston calipers work in tandem with our regenerative
braking technology to slow the Revero while recharging the high-voltage battery. The powerful brakes resist fade, clamping down with steadfast confidence. This electronically-controlled system not only allows the Revero to operate efficiently, but also reduces wear on the brake
components. The solar roof not only charges the 12 V battery, but also charges the
high-voltage battery, adding to the electric range. Its unique pattern isn’t just for show. Our solar roof was developed for maximum efficiency by optimizing sunlight angles. It is an
industry-first, and it is a signature element of our DNA.

Vintners often invoke the scent of leather when crafting a new wine. The warm, earthy aroma of leather inspires us, it grounds us, it’s implanted in our memory. We use only minimal tanning and paint processes, allowing our leather’s alluring natural scent to fill the cabin. This vehicle was made to stimulate all your senses.
Your Revero reflects your taste. Those who find inspiration in our modern world may be moved by carbon fiber. This aerospace-derived material lends a sharp texture to our dark and sport-focused interiors. For those of you with an older soul, only the warm, unmanufactured touch of wood will do. Our wood trim comes straight from nature so each individual piece has its own story.
There is beauty in simplicity. An intuitive touchscreen interface controls the vehicle’s audio, navigation and personal drive settings without complex toggles and switches. The elegant diamond design language is a Karma signature which echoes the diamond inlets on the front and rear of the car.


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