Huhtamaki North America uses shaped paperboard, molded fiber, and plastics to lead the packing industry in technologically-advanced packaging and disposable tableware.

Huhtamaki North America is a leading manufacturer of packaging for  tableware, cups, folding cartons, containers, carriers, trays and serviceware as well as consumer packaged goods for the food service industry and retail market.

A key way to deal with our ecological effect

Huhtamaki North America ice cram packaging

Huhtamaki offers tapered round containers ranging from 2.5 – 64 fl. oz. and non-round containers ranging from 16 – 64 fl. oz.

Huhtamaki North America attempts to secure the earth through an assortment of ceaseless change ventures and key activities particularly intended to decrease our utilization of regular assets, materials and vitality.

It’s an astute, overseen approach that enables our business to lessen the effect we make on the earth, ration vitality and secure the groups we work in ordinary. Take in more Huhtamaki’s general manageability endeavors at

Huhtamaki North America perceives that our groups fortify when we function as a group to manufacture shared traits and bolster the causes that are basic for group wellbeing and imperativeness. One of our center esteems is to approach our reality with deference. That implies thinking about each other, the earth and the groups where we work together.

We take incredible pride in the groups where we work. That is the concentration of our group outreach. This page features our exercises and the distinction they make.

Huhtamaki North America straight-wall containers

Huhtamaki offers a wide selection of paperboard and plastic straight-wall containers. With many sizes and shapes to choose from including round or non-round. Containers can be assembled on-site at your facility – saving warehouse costs and up to 90% in transportation costs.

Read about our awesome group outreach occasions that happen crosswise over North America.

Supportability in Practice

Huhtamaki North America places supportability by and by utilizing reused materials to deliver our single-utilize flatware items, decreasing the measure of vitality utilized and the waste made.

We securely gather scrap from the majority of our specialty units to make the items you trust.

Take in more about how we Preserve What’s Precious on

With our worldwide system of assembling units in three particular innovations, we’re all around set to help our clients’ development wherever they work.

Huhtamaki North America portfolio

Inventive bundling is utilized to draw buyer consideration and guarantee upper hand of a brand. In the quick and regularly changing ways of life of the vast majority today, it is critical to guarantee that the items are bundled all around ok to save the items’ state, broaden its time span of usability and actuate buyers to buy. We create best in class bundling for all unique sort of items while meeting quality models.

Huhtamaki North America history

We gladly bear the name of our organizer, Mr. Heikki Huhtamäki. Youthful Heikki, a town dough puncher’s child, set up Huhtamäki Industries in 1920 in Kokkola, Finland. As far back as at that point, we’ve taken after his soul of experience in investigating new open doors over the world.

By the 1960s, our bundling business was completely settled, with Polarpak driving the European paper container advertise. In the 1970s we began to grow our quality and specialized abilities outside Finland and we haven’t halted since. Basically, we’ve extended with our clients as their customer markets have developed.Huhtamaki North America round containers

Today we work the world over, producing in six mainlands. We keep on forming essential associations and to make acquisitions where it means our clients, and in addition developing naturally. At the present time, we’re developing our quality in quickly developing locales, including Africa and the Middle East. So we’re all around put to serve both worldwide and neighborhood clients – wherever you see your next opportunity.One in each five individuals around the globe purchases an item with our bundling each week! Discover how we can bolster your business with our expert sustenance and drink bundling. Utilizing recouped fiber we create a scope of defensive formed fiber bundling for new deliver, for example, eggs and natural product. What would we be able to assist you with?

Our qualities

It’s vital to us to make the best decision by each other and our clients. Wherever we work, our qualities direct our conduct each day.

We influence adaptable bundling and names for snacks, chocolates, to frozen yogurt, espresso, juices, soups, pet sustenance, and prepared dinners. We convey rack bid and item insurance to surely understood worldwide brands.

Huhtamaki North America Brands:

We’re the glad producers of Chinet®, the main premium single-utilize flatware mark in the United States. Chinet items are produced using reused material. The range incorporates plates, bowls, bakeware, napkins, and glasses. You can likewise purchase Chinet items in Europe. BioWare® family is our future well disposed flatware and bundling range, including hot and frosty drink mugs, plates, bowls, compartments, plate, glass bearers, and cutlery that are essentially made of sustainable plant materials. BioWare items are compostable and confirmed by the pertinent local standard (i.e. EN 13432).

We additionally deliver a scope of defensive and reused formed fiber bundling for cultivated create, including egg containers and plate, natural product plate and wine bottles.

The Huhtamaki FM-4000 forming machine - Huhtamaki North America

The Huhtamaki FM-4000 forming machine is an on-site assembling machine for flat bottom round and non-round, straight and tapered containers. Footprint: 7′ x 9′, weighs 15,000 lbs. Requires 480VAC, 3-phase, 60Hz, 100amps.

We make superb packs and marks for cleanliness items, for example, cleansers, shampoos, creams, and toothpastes, and in addition for pharmaceuticals and restorative items. Our formed fiber items can be utilized to ensure delicate things like shopper hardware and wine bottles.

Huhtamaki North America Reason and qualities

Our motivation is to enable awesome items to achieve more individuals, all the more effectively.

We approach our reality with deference

We think about each other, the earth, and the group

We invite assorted variety and remember it as a wellspring of development

We urge individuals to talk up, question, and grow new thoughts

We know our business

We’re focused on understanding our clients and purchasers

We esteem respectability and open correspondence

We gain from all that we do

We jump at the chance to complete it

We convey on our guarantees

We trust and engage people

We blossom with our entrepreneurial soul

Huhtamaki North America

9201 Packaging Drive
De Soto, KS 66018

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