Electrika Inc. of Montreal, Canada comprises of MASTER ELECTRICIANs SPECIALIZED IN RESIDENTIAL SERVICES. Our team of professionals offers the best services available in Montreal and Laval.

Experienced electricians Electrika is one of the only companies to do only high quality residential electrical work in the greater Montreal area. We take our job very seriously and we are proud to serve the people of Montreal and Laval since 2004.

Electrika provides Diagnosis of electrical systems and repairs. Whether it is a way switch, a circuit breaker too sensitive or a simple breakdown, you can trust our electricians. They will find the problem quickly and solve it in no time. In addition, we are available for any emergency, and this, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of problems, do not hesitate to contact your residential electrician in Montreal and Laval!

Electrika, A void TO FILL:

Electrika’s founder, John Mcelligott, is also a master electrician with more than 25 years of experience. During his career, John realized that many electricians specialize in large-scale commercial work and spend little time on residential work. As construction specialists, these electricians do not have the training and capabilities to do this kind of work. In short, the residential market was neglected, for lack of experienced electricians able to devote themselves to it.

A company born of a need

In 2004, John decided to open his own specialty business to meet the needs of individuals. Electrika was born out of the desire to meet the demand of homeowners in the Montreal and Laval regions.

Our specialty: residential electrical work

Residential electrical work is our specialty. Electrika focuses solely on the repair, installation and renovation of residential electrical systems in the greater Montreal area: the downtown area, the West Island, the South Shore and Laval.

Our skills

All of our electricians have more than 15 years of experience, have a license in good standing and insurance that allows them to carry out your residential work safely.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE We have built an excellent reputation over the years through our approach. The recommendations and the loyalty of our customers are what is most important for us. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our work. We are confident that we will achieve this goal and that is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the work done, we will refund you in full.




Your electrical panel is the heart of your residential electrical system. This is the most important part of your residential electrical system. You should never touch it and the lid should never be removed by anyone other than an electrician. This panel contains live electrical connections to voltages that are dangerous. If you suspect that your electrical panel is damaged, do not touch it. Call us immediately.

What are the electrical panels for?

An electrical panel controls the amount of electricity coming into your home from Hydro-Québec. Then the panel controls the electrical flow to the individual circuits through the residence. These circuits provide power for the operation of electrical appliances. Old electrical panels may have fuses, but most modern electrical panels in Montreal and Laval residences have circuit breakers.

Primarily, the electrical panel is used to manage the flow of electricity to electrical appliances in your home. He achieves this through individual circuit breakers. These allow us to power off the circuits for maintenance purposes as well as to facilitate the wiring of new circuits.

The most important function of your electrical panel is to ensure your safety. If an electrical fault occurs, the circuit breakers will trip and turn off the circuit.

Only an electrical contractor should work on your electrical panel. In Quebec, it is illegal for anyone except an electrical contractor to work in your home.

Your electrical panel is not a toy. You should never attempt to do electrical work on your panel. This is extremely dangerous. This could lead to electric shock, fire or even death. Electrika receives a lot of service calls, but the most common call comes from unqualified people doing electrical work.

We can only emphasize the importance of good electrical safety, and how important it is for electrical work to be done by a licensed electrical contractor.

Lights that flicker when a device is on

This is often due to a circuit that is forced to provide more current than its rating. If your refrigerator is on the same circuit as your fixtures and your kitchen outlets, it’s possible to see your lights flashing when the compressor is turned on – especially in older homes. Other causes for dimming lights at any time are incorrect wiring, loose / damaged / rusty wiring, or power grid issues that are out of your control. Circuit breaker trips constantly Many people reset their circuit breakers and continue to go about their business when they jump. However, you should never ignore the situation when your breaker trips. A circuit breaker trips when it is overloaded. If this happens, evaluate the circuit to make sure it is not overloaded. An overloaded circuit can overheat (especially for old wiring, which is common in Montreal and Laval) and can be a real fire hazard. If you do not find what overloads the circuit, call us! The cards that fall from the catches This is probably due to one of these reasons:  the pins on the plug are bent or damaged. Damaged pins should never be plugged into an electrical outlet.  the electrical outlet is damaged. If this is the case, replace the plug as soon as possible. This is a relatively simple and inexpensive process, although we will be happy to help you if you prefer us to deal with it.

Electrika of Montreal and Laval, your expert electricians, a different kind of electrical compnay!


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