Anaheim City Hall, California, is where to find all essential information about the city including major Anaheim officials and how to do business in the city.

Anaheim City Hall, California, is under the jurisdiction of Mayor Tom Tait. The mayor of Anaheim was first elected in November 2010 and re-elected in November 2014. Of course, he represents the city at large. Tom Tait previously served as City Council member from 1995 to 2004. He is also a current member of the board of directors of the Orange County Transportation Authority. The mayor created the H”i Neighbor program”, which simply facilitates interactions between neighbors through acts of kindness and to builds social infrastructure leading to stronger, more resilient communities. Tom Tait earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Wyoming, master’s of business administration and law degrees from Vanderbilt University. He is currently a member of the State Bar of California. Tom Tait is a family man. He and his wife, Julie, have 4 children and two grandchildren. They have resided in Anaheim for almost 30 years.

As part of City Hall, the City of Anaheim has many departments. You can find


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