Asserson Law firm is a full-benefit, UK law firm giving an excellent quality support of our worldwide customer base.

Asserson Law firm’s extraordinary plan of action of setting our biggest office in the core of Tel Aviv’s business region, has won us awards from the legitimate business in the UK and is perceived as significantly changing the customary model for the arrangement of lawful administrations. The association’s area, aside from empowering our lawyers to appreciate a great atmosphere, empowers us to pull in lawyers of the most astounding quality, prepared at the best City firms and at the world’s driving colleges. That is the mystery which enables us to offer our customers a best level administration. Moreover, the association’s minimal effort construct empowers us to go with respect to genuine reserve funds to our customers. We trust that we give the most unique and persuading model in the market for the outsourcing of best quality lawful guidance at a truly focused cost.

Asserson Law Offices, Tel Aviv and UK OfficesAsserson Law Firm’s group of experienced lawyers instruct over an expansive range regarding areas, for example, corporate and business, question determination, land, arranging, work, licensed innovation, innovation, media and broadcast communications (TMT), and private customer. In the interim, the association’s US relate, Asserson Hiller PC, gives question determination guidance to customers in the United States.

Asserson Law Offices’ customers appreciate the advantage of best quality lawyers with enormous firm understanding, nearby the individual level of administration which just the littler, nimbler firms can give. Our model draws in individuals of surprising decent variety and we can help customers in an assortment of languages, including English, French, Russian, Mandarin, Danish, German, Spanish and Hebrew. Over all the firm looks to make a casual and lovely climate in which to work and we trust that overflow into the guidance we give. We take pride in the way that our lawyers make the most of their work and that our customers appreciate the experience of working with us.

Asserson Law Firm, which was established in 2005 by Trevor Asserson, has become reliably both in estimate and the degree and scope of counsel we can give. Singular lawyers in the firm are perceived by the principle legitimate indexes for their ability and the firm itself is additionally reliably prescribed in numerous industry catalogs.

We are continually searching for gifted and roused English lawyers to join our group and offer our responsibility regarding law, to our customers and to making our firm an awesome work environment.

Asserson Law Offices Lawyers

On the off chance that you are an English lawyer or are qualified in a precedent-based law purview (e.g. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada) with involvement in question determination, land or corporate and business law and are keen on investigating vocation openings at Asserson Law Offices, at that point please send us your CV utilizing this page.


Asserson Law Offices runs a preparation program to empower you to build up your lawful and business abilities. The preparation program works as per SRA rules. If it’s not too much trouble connect in the event that you are hoping to qualify as an English specialist and wish to join our preparation program.


Asserson Law Firm likewise runs an internship program every year. To apply for the program please send us your CV utilizing this page.

Tel Aviv Office

Azrieli Centre, Circular Tower, Floor 32, Tel Aviv 67021, Israel

03 744 919103 744 6556

London Office

38 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 2RU

0203 150 1300

0203 150 0391


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