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You can take the job you have—and improve it! You will win friends and influence people. Dale Carnegie’s rock-solid, time-tested advice has carried countless people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives.

You can take any situation—and make it work for you!

Dale Carnegie’s rock-solid, time-tested advice has carried countless people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives. One of the most groundbreaking and timeless bestsellers of all time, How to Win Friends & Influence People will teach you:

-Six ways to make people like you

-Twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking

-Nine ways to change people without arousing resentment

And much more! Achieve your maximum potential—a must-read for the twenty-first century with more than 15 million copies sold!

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Customer Reviews

Changing my life.

521 people found this helpful.
 on May 5, 2015
By BP2
My Dad gave me a copy of this when I graduated highschool in the 90s but I wasn’t “ready” for it yet, I don’t even think I read it to be honest. Now I’m 37 and realizing that I’ve put my personal growth on the back burner for entirely too long. I had pretty much given up on making new adult friends. I had actually self-diagnosed myself with Asperger’s because I was having such a difficult time trying to figure out why people (including myself) do the things that do. The realization that my marriage was being effected by my nearly empty toolbox of social skills promoted me to take personal responsibility and shoulder the blame myself for once instead of blaming everyone around me for everything. I grew up with a hypercritical Mother so I think I had promised myself that I would never be criticized again, even if that meant writing people off the instant I felt like I had made myself vulnerable enough to be hurt by them.

but I found that it could be easy for a person to react quickly to conflicts

168 people found this helpful.
 on November 12, 2016
By Krystine
In my honest opinion, several principles in this book are repeated around the book. I don’t see it as a disadvantage, because repetition is the key to learning. I did think several of the principles explained in the book are common sense, but I found that it could be easy for a person to react quickly to conflicts. This book has taught me the importance of staying in control and how beneficial it is to be in control of our behaviors and act in a way of service to others. The examples described in the book made it simpler to understand the concepts that Dale is teaching. I recommend this book if you would like to improve your skills with people. This book is especially beneficial for those who are working on their businesses and close relationships.

A book to live by

One person found this helpful.
 on April 2, 2017
By Jeff Lopes
This is a great, classic text that is really just expounding upon the golden rule. It is a great tool to make sure that you’re acting in a moral way that will not only help you win friends but also build character and sleep well at night. The book follows the typical claim – example – explanation format and it works incredibly well in this context. I always find myself in a better mood after a few pages of Dale Carnegie’s seminal text.

This book changed my life so much so that I …

 on September 28, 2017
By T Harris
This book changed my life so much so that I bought about 15 more copies to hand out. Sorry I drove the price up about $12 dollars for a couple of months. It’s almost back to where it was before I bought them now. If you don’t care about a paper copy, you should know that this book is public domain, so you can find the e-book and pdf online for free. (Sorry, can’t link since I don’t want the Amazon MIB to come find me)


 on September 10, 2013
By X
This edition I believe is one of the last great editions, afterwards the publishing companies start editing the book to their liking taking out many of the authors original wording and concepts. This includes a great deal of the original text and how it was meant to be read. Buy this edition over any other edition.

Success with all relationships

 on December 10, 2016
By Hawkeye
The principles outlined in this amazing book are miracles! The author demonstrations the principles through stories directly related to the concept being discussed. As a result, this book is fun to read and was difficult to put-down. The lessons learned will stay with you for years and definitely will allow one to improve all relationships, whether they be, personal or professional friendships, interactions with children or discussions with sales prospects. It is a treasure that should be your constant companion. I highly recommend this book to everyone, who wants to master personal and professional relationships!

The advise in this book is straight forward and easy to incorporate into your life

5 people found this helpful.
 on September 16, 2015
By roberta
I’ve heard about this book for years, and now I’ve finally gotten the chance to see what it’s all about. This book is well known with over 15 million copies sold. It is the quintessential handbook for people who need help in winning people over. The advise in this book is straight forward and easy to incorporate into your life. It’s made to help you in business relationships, and sales. The advise is common sense for the most part, but makes a lot of sense. Some parts are things you would do as a decent person. If someone has to tell you not to speak ill of people and to instead build them u pick with positivity, then you are probably not the nicest person, however it is good advise. Some of it is about having good manners, which again, should be something obvious but not everyone follows that advise these days. Most of these things are things that I do naturally and basically the book is following a general timeless rule.

Four Stars

2 people found this helpful.
 on April 3, 2017
By Christopher Waller
This book stands up pretty well to time. I do like the historic feel to the stories.

Life long strategy for success

 on December 4, 2014
By Damnatron
This book is amazing. The audiobook whispersync on my iPhone kindle is great. The narration for this book is wonderful. I listen to it during my commute to work and it helps put me in the right frame of mind to interact with other humans successfully.

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