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The Hobart Handler 210MVP allows for great welder portability and convenience through the use of a multi-voltage plug. This option lets you plug the unit into either a 115V or 230V outlet with an easy change of the plug. The generous operating parameters allow you to weld 24-ga. to 3/8in steel in a single pass. Plus, it is extremely versatile and perfect for the welder who wants to work on auto body, household repairs, or even heavier farm projects requiring extra power. With an arsenal of standard features such as 7 output voltage settings and a dual-groove quick change drive roll, the Handler 210 is as versatile as it is powerful.

Customer Reviews

Great out of box experience

 on August 26, 2012
By Scott (Technogeek)
I usually TIG weld aluminum, but I wanted to weld thicker/larger pieces faster. To MIG weld aluminum requires spray transfer, and 200 amps is about the bottom end for thicker pieces. The Hobart 210 MVP with the addition of the SpoolRunner 100 spool gun welds 1/4 inch aluminum like lightning! I can weld in a 1/4 of the time of TIG. No stack of dimes look, but nice smooth fully penetrated welds.

Amazing welder for better price

 on April 21, 2016
By Eric Hoffman
I’ve been a professional welder for 15 years. This is the best machine for the money hands down! The same quality and performance as a miller but for hundreds less. Very smooth arc and great penetration. The down side is that it’s a toggle for the voltage however I have yet to have a problem finding the perfect setting for any job. I could not recament this machine more

Great product and ease of use is great.

 on March 20, 2017
By Tball
I would have given this a 5 star review, but my machine came with a gun problem (casing kinked). I have ordered a new casing. I have used this machine before and it was awesome. Duel voltage, plenty of power, built nicely. I do not want to return the one I bought but there is no way to get the casing replaced without replacing the item so I will have to spend the 30 dollars to repair it.


 on November 26, 2016
By redshift
Excellent wire feed welder. Smooth welding. Multi voltage ability is handy. Comes with everything you need to get started. Buy some extra contact tips and a nozzle. I think .030″ wire is the best choice for solid wire regardless of metal thickness you are welding, especially on the heavier side. You’ll get better welds running a smaller wire hot than you will running a larger wire lower in it’s range on these smaller machines. None of them have the power to run the wire in it’s optimum range but you’ll get closer with .030″. Use .035″ gasless wire because part of the wire diameter is flux. It’s easy to get a good looking weld with the larger wires but they’ll have little strength.

Fantastic welder.

 on May 19, 2017
By Sky
Let me start by saying that when i bought this unit, i had limmited welding experience.

Excellent welder! Plenty of amps to weld just about …

 on March 16, 2016
By Flycamp
Had a 115v Hobart Handler before. Someone needed it more than me I guess, so I replaced it with the 210MVP. Oh Baby! Excellent welder! Plenty of amps to weld just about any general need. I have a small farm and need to weld some heavier items on occasion and this will do the job. Used the MIG set up and it runs a wonderful, great penetration bead on 1/4″ thick (solid wire MIG .030, 230v single phase) and that is not cranked up all the way or using .035 wire. Extremely happy with the welder. It is not light however. Would recommend getting a cart. I did get the welding cabinet from HF and happy with the construction and price. Ordered the welder from Northern Freight through Amazon. Saved quite a bit over ordering it direct from Northern???

I love you Hobart. I mean that.

 on April 4, 2018
By Brodie L.
Am I in love. Sure am. I did my research up, down, and sideways comparing this to the harbor freight MigMax 215 which also has great reviews. For $200 more for the Hobart you’re getting a welder that is manufactured in the US with parts readily available and an ACTUAL warranty. This unit is essentially a Miller. Some of the parts even have the Miller stamp. I build commercial pressure washing trailers a handful of times each year and was using a Lincoln 120. This blows the socks off that welder at 120v and shazam.. this one is double good at 240v. I couldn’t be happier with this machine and would’ve spent $300-400 more dollars over the harbor freight thing knowing what I do after using it.

Very Very nice welder.

 on December 15, 2013
By T. C.
Nice welder , welded with it on 120 volt and it worked great . It Welded better than my old Hobart Handler 120 . Switched the plug and used my 50 amp outlet and it welded very very nice.This really burns in when you want it to. I really like this welder , I have welded for 20 + years and worked as a professional welder . I looked at the Miller 211 and I almost purchased the IronMan 230 but I really like the idea of using it on 120 volt circuits for portability so after I learned they upgraded the drive to the aluminum miller drive I went with this welder.They upgraded the ground clamp from the picture on this page also.They upgraded the wire feed drive from glass filled plastic to the miller all aluminum drive. The new drive is easier to load the wire when changing to a different gauge of wire or a new roll. This new aluminum feed drive allows you to get your hands in there without the plastic housing interfering with inserting the wire if you have big fingers. My old Hobart Handler 120 had the plastic feed drive and it sometimes was a pain to insert the wire.So bottom line this welder is all around great and I don’t think it would be easy to beat it for the price or the quality.


 on July 11, 2018
By Leo
I had the Hobart Handler 140 for several years and it was a great machine. I decided I wanted more power researched the 210 MVP. It has fantastic well deserved reviews so my decision was easy. I sold my 140 to help pay for the 210 and ordered the 210. It took 9 days to arrive even though it was prime shipping.

Great deal for the price.

 on June 8, 2016
By Todd Furchert
Great welder used the first roll already! Had some problems with the wire inside the feed roller. But, I believe that is operator error. I have used exclusively Miller welders with argon mix gas and have to say having never welded but once with a Hobart and flux core and that was many years ago. It welds pretty good for 110v machine. No complaints yet. Would definitely recommend it so far. Flux is of course a dirty weld and a lot of splatter. But I am thinking once I get use to it will get better. Don’t hesitate to purchase this welder great deal for the price.

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