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Amazon Price: $395.00 (as of November 24, 2017 12:10 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Phantom 3 Standard is the best way to start enjoying aerial photography, even with no prior experience. With the all-in-one ready to fly design and simple GPS- assisted flight, the Phantom 3 Standard lets you focus on taking great pictures and videos from the sky. With a range of over half a mile and crystal clear live video streaming over Wi-Fi to your mobile device on the free DJI Go app, the Phantom 3 Standard delivers sophisticated functionality with a simple learning curve and an accessible price point.

Customer Reviews

Very Impressed with the refurbished unit I received – Looked and flew like it was new!

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 on July 8, 2017
By Tim M
When I bought a refurbished unit to save a few bucks I expected something with at least a few cosmetic dings. This looked brand new. The only indication is that the bag holding the power cord had been ripped open. It honestly looked brand new. I have owned a few Syma Toy quads over the past few years and became pretty good flying without gps stabilization, so I was very excited and a bit scared to fly a “real” drone. After charging the batteries and then practicing some takeoffs and landings (after calibrating and initial setup) I took my initial flight in a large abandoned parking lot. The bird flew like a dream. The return Home feature worked incredibly well. It takes much of the worry out of flying. The video is excellent quality and the stability is amazing. I’ve read reviews saying that this is a good beginners quad which might be true, but this is a powerful machine. Take care if this is your first, those props can cause real damage. Study up and watch lots of free videos. Understand this thing and fly safe. I am amazed at the quality of the Phantom 3 Standard and would definitely recommend a refurb.

Really pleased with the flight operations, camera and quality! Very good price for the refurbished unit with warranty.

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 on December 25, 2016
Bought a refurbished unit after doing quite a bit of research on this model. When it arrived, the refurbished unit and the accessories all looked new. The box was an original DJI box – my impression is that the whole unit looked new, even though it was advertised as refurbished. Since purchasing, I have used the drone about 20 times and have found it to be an excellent buy. This is my second drone and I am still learning flight operations, but the quality increase from my first drone to the second DJI is really significant. The camera is excellent and flight options are plentiful. Very responsive and easy to learn, but has enough sophisticated options that it will take months to learn all of the possibilities. Could not be happier with the purchase, especially at the refurbished price of $339. If you are looking for a quality drone with excellent flight characteristics for a beginner to intermediate user, you can’t find a better drone.

One happy camper (pilot) here!

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 on August 7, 2017
By Gerald
I purchased this drone with something more than a little trepidation as the other drone maker I had purchased from did not live up to the hype that I read about them. I had two of their product fail miserably out of the box and had to return them, so I decided to bite the bullet and spend a little more for a refurbished DJI Phantom 3 Standard. I am so glad that I bought this drone! Not only am I totally and completely satisfied with the drone itself, but the DJI customer service tech folks helped me with what actually turned out to be a very minor glitch. I would advise anyone who gets one of these to update the firmware on the DJI Go app and then without hesitation to re-link the drone to the controller as soon as the firmware is installed. I waited until I was sure I did not have a lemon before I ordered some add-on items. I ordered a parabolic device for the controller antenna, then a tablet holder and a sunshade. I bought a tablet (8 inch screen) from walmart solely for use with the DJI Go app. The reason I got the tablet was for two reasons, first I am not a young man and don’t see so clearly now (not to mention my fat fingers) and second is that my basic “smart” cellphone gets so hot that it shuts off inside of ten minutes of flying time. Now I am planning to purchase another battery for the drone sometime in the near future. I am fairly new to drone flying although I am a licensed fixed wing pilot and have been for a few decades and have always wanted to fly helicopters but just never had the time nor money to get a rotary wing license, now this drone has satisfied that little desire. If asked, I would heartily recommend the purchase of a DJI Phantom 3 Standard! I know I will be enjoying many hours of flying this drone and am looking forward to many more crystal clear pictures and videos far into my foreseeable future! Thank you, DJI!

Love it!!!

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 on December 2, 2016
By Caryd
Bought refurb and its been great!!!

Very fun and easy to fly drone

 on October 7, 2017
By Larry
Very fun and easy to fly drone , also fairly durable,as I’ve crashed it a few Times and when I did need parts they weren’t very expensive,I highly recommend the guards for beginners but the drone is a lot faster without them ..

Quality Drone !

 on October 3, 2017
By Luis Guzman
Drone flies and works in perfect condition. Up to this point I haven’t had any issues with it. Will recommend to anyone who is looking into a drone as a first timer. For starters, the phantom 3 standard is the right drone to purchase and have fun with!

Amazing drone! Looks and flies like new

 on August 15, 2017
By Nate
Amazing drone! Looks and flies like new! Shipping took a little longer than normal, but totally worth the wait!

Perfect so far

 on May 22, 2017
By Bigdaddycurt
Tremendous bargain. Could not tell it wasn’t brand new. Perfect so far.

Ro Tide

 on September 22, 2017
By Tony C
Received the Phantom 3 in the mail today. Read the documents, set up the drone. Very easy the fly. I’m impressed

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