The Executive Summary of a Business Plan

The executive summary is the first part of a business plan. It is the most important section as it gives a general overview of the business. It is the part that tells the reader about the vision of the company. So let’s get to it! The executive summary, as previously stated, is probably the most critical aspect of a business plan. This is the section that will briefly tell your reader about the current state of  your company and where you are planning to take it in a year, 5 years, 10 years or more. The executive summary should convince your reader about the potential success of your business idea. Importantly, this is the section that may grab the attention of a lender or a potential investor. So you really need your executive summary to grab people’s attention.I f you are seeking financing, the executive summary is also your first opportunity to grab a potential investor’s interest. The executive summary must underscore  the principal strengths of your business. Hence,…
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