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Belkin F8E062 55-Piece Computer Tool Kit with Black Case (Demagnetized Tools)

Customer Reviews

Really good.

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 on April 28, 2016
By Arthur M.C
I bought this to fix a Dell XPS laptop whose hard-drive had been having problems. Essentially I had to replace the hard-drive, and I needed a tool kit to pry open this laptop. This tool kit had everything I needed, from tweezers to pick up small screws that had fallen into those small holes, to a small screw driver needed to screw them in. I couldn’t have asked for anything better (or less?).

I love the sleep black case that carries everything

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 on August 16, 2016
By Prisspie
This came much faster than I thought. I love the sleep black case that carries everything, things were out of place but you just easily slip them back in. The flashlight is a little flimsy, but I don’t think it’s entirely bad. I got this since I’m attempting to become an IT and ComptTia a+ certified.

Keeps essential tools handy and organized

 on April 5, 2016
By Crash and Burn
It mostly duplicates other tools I have around the house and garage, but having them all together, and handy makes a big difference. I just finished an embedded programming project where I was interfacing a micro-controller with a motion detector, light dependent resistor, pushbutton, and 7 segment LED display. The needle nose pliers were just the right size for pushing, pulling, and bending pins so they would make positive, continuous contact with the through hole on the microcomputer PC board. I’ve also used it to remove screws when removing and replacing laptop HDDs and DVD drives. The soldering iron doesn’t seem to be grounded, so I’m leery of using it to solder anything electronics. You will need to supply your own solder, and it seems, solder wick.

Good assortment of useful tools but things seem to fall …

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 on July 12, 2016
By Makerspace
Good assortment of useful tools but things seem to fall out of their holders when carrying around the kit in a backpack. Being it has a zipper means they aren’t lost for good but on occasion things will just fall out when unzipping the case as the holders don’t seem to do an adequate job. As far as the tools you can’t beat this tool kit which comes with everything you need and more for a simple pc repair or replacement.

Not Bad for the $$$

 on November 7, 2013
By R.H. Smith – Indy
Not a bad little tool kit for the $$$. The picture is out of date, however there is NO SOLDER INCLUDED anymore. I suspect this is due to some tree-hugging, lead warning nonsense. Like some of the other reviewers have stated, the penlight included looks like a toy from the ’60’s and should be replaced by a Mini-Mag or other quality penlight (I swapped-in an LED penlight). If you’re creative, you can cram a few extra tools in the case. I was even able to fit a small “shirt-pocket” style multimeter in the case.

Love It!

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 on October 13, 2011
By Silmarie
I bought this set for building my new computer. My boyfriend and I had a smattering of tools around, but I wanted to make certain that I had everything I would need. Who wants to stop in the middle of a build to drive out to the store and grab one specific tool? Just before I started building, I opened the case. Everything was picture perfect. I think I have used about every single on of those tools since I started. They’re all quality pieces and have done everything (and a little more) that I’ve asked of them so far. The only thing I not a fan of it how tight the box lids are. I suppose it’s good for security, but it’s a little too much for me.

Handy Kit, missing one thing

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 on May 14, 2013
By Paris Cornwell
This is a great kit for the hobbyist. I think professionals would prefer a kit that is a little more robust (better insulation, metal) however, this would still get the job done. The only thing that would be nice to add is a desoldering pump.

Pretty Good

 on January 7, 2014
By Christopher
I have been tinkering with all the electronic gadgets around (i.e. an rc model helicopter, laptop, little screw on remotes..) I haven’t found a problem and I really like this kit except for two things.. How do I take advantage of the lifetime warranty in the event that I nee to have something repaired or replaced? And there is a precision screwdriver that has interchangeable bits, that’s great, yet the main precision driver that the different bits slide into is made of soda can aluminum! That should be steel or something tougher than aluminum because when there are tight screws you can’t tighten down the bit hard enough to stop it from spinning inside the main precision screwdriver chuck. I think it is because the bits are steel while the other part is aluminum. Not bad though! Buy you one its good! Quick shipped.

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