About us, National Business Forum for self-promotion

About us, National Business Forum for self-promotion

National Business Forum is an open-access community platform for bringing together business-minded individuals to share their vision, knowledge, other business resources, and their own success as entrepreneurs, professionals,  webmasters, or website owners. Interact with the community by posting articles that link to your business; adding your professional profile/bio and business listings to the network at no cost; sharing links, videos; asking questions, discussion topics on the NBF network community.

National Business Forum established a Business listings Directory as part of its goals to facilitate business promotion.  Business listings are free of charge. However, they can also be featured on the front page of NBF directory for a nominal fee. We also provide business resources for access to useful books as well as videos for learning about business and online entrepreneurship.

The business directory allows anyone who owns a website to post a full page here about their business or interest from any niche or market sector. You will be allowed to add a link to your main website, a Youtube video, if you have one, images, and the location of your enterprise with a local map. That is, you can add a full post here on National Business Forum business Directory if you are

  • A professional who has a social media or Facebook page with or without a website
  • A webmaster, someone who is in charge of a website
  • a website designer or developer, if you build or develop websites
  • A Construction professional or handyman
  • An architect, designer of buildings or any structure related to construction
  • A real estate agent
  • A scientist
  • An engineer
  • A teacher
  • A corporation
  • A professor
  • Or any other professional

How can National Business Forum help your business develop an online presence with full support?

  1. In addition to open access to our website for to promote your business (business profile, bios of your team members, group formation, business listing, etc.), we also offer a full business promotion package that includes featuring your business listings and a full page of your business team. This full service costs only $50 per year!
  2. We also recommend that you complete your profile with a professional photo as a representative officer of the company and build your business profile and bio using the NBF Resume app. We can create a professional profile and bio that is associated with your company. Your main account on the network will allow you to ask question, discuss topics, build your bio/CV/resume. Your company’s leadership team can have each team member with a photo, a bio summary and links to each team member’s professional profile, bio, and social media sites.
  3. It is a pleasure to have you, and we hope you will make the most of this opportunity for online self-promotion. In today’s world, networking is key. So go ahead and sign up at no cost to help shape this business community with your with your participation.
Again, after you sign up and find your way around, don’t forget our premium membership for complete business promotion for just $50.00 per year. Do not just bury your online presence somewhere on Facebook. Have full promotion web pages on NBF that will be found on search engines by people looking for your business.

Here is a summary of what you are getting at no cost:

  1. Full professional account for interaction with the business community
  2. Your bio to showcase your educational and professional history
  3. Submit and share promotional content using our “Share” app on National Business Forum with links to your website
  4. Use “social article” app to post full promotion articles with links to specific products or services on your website. be aware that all articles submitted through this app must be original–no spun content allowed on NBF please!
  5. Adding your business to our directory
  6. Full customer support through email, chat, ask app, and discussion forum
  7. No cost to you!