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you so Justin how does entrepreneurial mindset and psychology actually fit together well for me Kristin I think the key is engagement. We think in business that all we've got to do is tell people what we do, and they'll say great where do I sign? But the reality is we have to have a deeper connection a deeper conversation with that person and a lot of this stuff happens subconsciously and this is

something that I've picked up reading some brain books in the last few years I've been a marketer for 25 plus years so I've always known that it was about having a conversation but really now the whole concept of engagement through building trust and explaining how you help people is critical particularly this day and age with a so much choice so I find in the work that I do working with small businesses professional services

people tend to jump straight in talk about what they do so the interesting thing about the psychology and the science behind the stuff that I've been picking up is that there's a whole conversation that happens subconsciously way before people consider the logical benefits of what you're going to do and if I can use a brain model I'll show you what I've kind of picked yeah yeah now the experts might say the pseudoscience because there's

a lot of debate going on here but if I can show you my model of the of the human brain here you've got the cerebral cortex route to the main part of the brain that runs over the top obviously left brain right brain we've colored these green and black to make it easier to distinguish and most businesses when they launch into a pitch to explain why you should buy from them they just

talk straightly to the straight to the logical brain and they just what all they do is say this is what we do we brilliant at it and this is and some of them saying this is how we do it but the reality in this and some great books on this there's that there's a book called pitch everything there's also Simon cynics work on start with why really those authors are explaining a / communication

that goes on and the reality is the first thing that I need to do when I try to explain what I do to you for you and have you come on board as a client is to explain what's in it for you it's the old with them you know what's in it for you wif em advertising agencies are known it for forever but small business and indeed some large businesses ignore it

and they launch into this logical conversation so in 30 seconds I'll explain how I understand how we really x and os say I'm plate not plagiarizing up that a lot of this stuff is contained in a great little book called pitch everything and this is how it works essentially the first thing I must do to you is demonstrate that I'm here to solve a problem you have and by explaining that I can

help you what happens is we far up this part of the brain the reptilian brain okay and that's the old flight and fight mechanisms the oldest part of the brain and that's the first thing subconsciously that I need to know can you help me so by identifying a problem or a brand new idea that you've never heard before we're firing up this part of the brain and what this part of the brain does

without us knowing it consciously you say yes concentrate well this person saying he was important they're here to help you once you've done that you then need to engender trust and the only way you can do that is to explain why you do what you do and this is where the work of simon Sinek comes into and his book start with why and what that's doing is having conversation with the limbic region which

is i'd have to pull this brain apart it's in the center okay again it's a subconscious process but that part of the brain is trying to identify is this person some persons I can't trust this person so that is a that's where you get into the whole I believe in this I want to change this we want to do this related to the problem you're solving for them and it often gives

the listener some sort of personal information it's a larger organization it's a deeper value and that's really important because once again subconsciously once the limbic brain says yeah I think I can trust this person they're talking my kind of language then it sends another message up to the logical brain saying listen to this person they've got something is important to say then you can go in and talk about what you do and how

you do it which is I guess predominantly the the left brain but it's left and right and that's that main part of the rain so the best analogy I can give for how this truly works is do you feel in your gut that you can trust them up yeah so it's a gut feeling how many times have you heard the expression look it sounded right but I didn't quite feel right so I'm

not going to go with it yeah the whole logic has been run through tick tick tick tick tick we've made no connection in the center of the rain the limbic region and we haven't actually attempted to explain how we're going to help them so the flight-or-fight area is going well I don't think there's any immediate need to listen to this person so what the interesting thing is that scientists are now discovered that

there are receptors in the gut the relate to parts of the brain and so when we say the gut reaction the the kind of immediate gut reaction you get is infant it happens in split seconds whereas logically it can take a couple of seconds for us to work something through so all these things are happening immediately similarly there are receptors in the heart we now know that relate to areas of the limbic brain

so when it's a heartfelt response it feels good in your gut you know you've communicated so back to my first comment this is about engagement it's about engaging with someone to explain how you can help them and saying enough about you in terms what you believe in on why you stand for this what your business stands for that's the critical connection point and that's how you engage and on that first meeting with someone trying

to find out how you can actually offer that value is it a first step of actually asking a lot of questions about them or how do you actually you know practically attached as I pretty much how do you practically approach that first step well I think it's really about empathizing with the person that you're you're looking to sell your services to or looking to help and so that is about asking questions are you suffering

this are you struggling with this so for instance in our business the kind of questions we ask our are you finding your business is attracting a lot of tire kickers do you convert all of your contacts in your leads are you telling the story that you tell about your business and your brand is it actually getting through are you getting a lot of people excited about it does it kind of you know

do you get a stony reaction and that's to highlight that the problem with not telling this deeper story not sharing something is that you're not you're not actually empathizing if you're not a empathizing empathizing then you're not making that that engagement so yeah it is some questions demonstrating that you know what they're feeling and advertisers have done this for a long time it's is talking about identifying pain points but historically they've been done in

a very superficial way very superficial and basically a lot of marketing and advertising agencies kind of cook up a problem you know and make people feel insecure I think the new approach that we're looking at is is really connecting your purpose and what you believe in with how you help people and that's the first step and this is very different ice what i would call new marketing drafting a book called marketing is dead because

a lot of the stuff that's being taught and is still being taught just does not fit with how humans actually behave and we're just scratching the surface here and i think the big transformation the big entrepreneurial step that we need to take is to be really clear on what we stand for and that's the whole conversation around purpose and that's all connected to conscious capitalism is a fascinating new movement that started in the u.s.

about 10 years ago and it's starting to build traction here and that's really about doing things where you are empathizing and understanding what your customer base is going through rather than making something up which is kind of the old approach and I was as guilty as the next person I was working for a hair care company we would kind of think about new angles and yeah we'd all it would all have to be

proven scientifically that our shampoos could do this out in the other but it was made up yeah I was cooked up and then we would check to see if we could make that claim these days really it's about a deeper understanding of what your capabilities are what you believe in and starting there's it's what simon Sinek describes is starting with why so it's that connection with your purpose what you stand for that then

identifies the problems that you solve rather than starting with market research study that tries to identify what people need and that process unfortunately is flawed I spent many years working with market researchers you cannot ask certain questions but asking people what they want they won't describe it because you're asking them a logical question so you're asking them an emotional question to their logical brains okay you have to be very careful how you ask those

questions otherwise what they end up doing is tell you what they think you want them to say now great researchers know how to get round that but by starting with purpose starting with why you were there as an organization why you there is an individual what is it you were born to do you know you get quite deep what's your secret ingredient go there first and what we do is we use meditation

to actually get through what i call the far wall there's a firewall between particularly the left brain and insight you know the limbic brain this part of the brain does does not trust that particularly in men but in a lot of women too it's like you're asking me how I feel hang on this is a business conversation how relevance that well the science would suggest dreamy relevant because we actually made decisions from the gut

that fly to a fight reptilian region and from the heart which is the limbic center so we really have to understand how they how humans actually behave and for me it's fascinating to see how psychology which was one of my favorite areas when I studying Business Studies at uni um the psychology has become more and more important and the business part of its become less and less important and back to the the conscious

capitalism movement this new way of doing things that this there's a there's a great book called firms of endearment which I would encourage any entrepreneur or poor CEO or director someone in a senior position with an organization to read because it's about a number of companies that have used their beliefs as their point of difference and rather than paying lip service to it they're actually feeding that thinking all the way through the organization so

it's companies like Harley Davidson Honda I think Google was in research there and they've actually tracked their performance over a ten-year period against those companies doing it kind of a traditional way and they're outperforming them 81 on these on these measures they've used in the US and it's fascinating and and the new dimension the new paradigm if you like for business is about love and authenticity the old dimension is about fear are what's HAP

male competitors is going to take our market share and scarcity there's only a certain amount going around and you know and doing the right thing by our shareholders the reality is if you do the right thing by all stakeholders and people love your brand and they love working with your company you will create long-term engagement and you'll your productivity will go through the roof so that's the new paradigms about love authenticity and abundance and

really take a leaf out of people at Richard Branson's book now he sees every competitor as potential collaborator so that new that's another keyword collaboration as opposed to competition and as more companies embrace this we're really going to create some change in society and it has a bigger implication on the environment you know on pit workers health you know there's so many people working in corporate at the moment they're getting really sick because their beliefs

their purpose does not match with the kind of doggy dogg purpose that most corporate businesses believe they need to have and the reality is that their business is going to be much more long-term sustainable if they embrace the new paradigm the authenticity the truth you know and that kind of abundance mentality that focuses on on how they can do service to their all of their stakeholders rather than taking share of competitors which was the

only focus when i started in marketing about a hundred years ago i remember being asked by the the CEO at the time so Justin what's your market share in such and such a region of the UK I was working the UK at the time and everyone knew that as this guy would walk through the marketing department he'd ask you to see if you knew your market share that month in a tiny

part of the UK and it was ridiculous and hindsight is just crazy but that was the whole focus we've got to beat the competitors and its really self-destructive and so it's much more focusing on the customer but being clear on what your purpose is so that you can do you can do unique things to your customer and your uniqueness comes out of your purpose because I believe that we're all here to do one

thing and you can chomp that up for businesses you know businesses when you get together the leaders of those businesses and you look at the common threads of their values and their beliefs you can really create something powerful that's just what Apple have done that's what google have done you know all those top performing companies really clear on their purpose so it's gone from being a nice to have it's gone from being lip service

and I remember visions and values cards when I was when I was at my first company printed and laminated there was his big hoo-ha this is who we stand for and all the words on there were just business speak you know dedicated to service to servicing our shareholders and and to being the best that we can do p it was all the load of rubbish and come seven o'clock when all the grown-ups had

left almost young guns were there burning the midnight oil because we wanted to impress and that's the only reason those visions of value cards you know what they turned into frisbees they just be chucked around the marketing department had a great time so yeah we were using the visions of value cards but not the way they were intended so there was no engagement and come back to that keyword I think marketing and business

success is going to be all about engagement you know and and a truthful authentic engagement between the senior group that we run the company or the individual this small group if it's a small company and all of their stakeholders you know not just the customers and the shareholders now the great thing is if you sort out your relationship with your employees then the business will follow let's talk more about having that why and

multiple I guess for the entrepreneur trying to uncover that because having that why seems to be such a powerful force for for driving us forward when things get really hard and being able to persevere so you tell us more about how we can actually uncover that why and is it a matter of just consciously thinking about it no no it isn't actually that and that's very interesting use the word consciously you can't you

can't think it consciously the way we used to do with the brand factory another one of my businesses was to do in-depth interviews with the stakeholders and it would involve half a day a full day and you keep going you keep going and then you get to the end of the day and you'd have a couple of things to work with but the trouble was you're always talking to this part of the

brain it doesn't understand the why so it's like layers of an onion if you keep asking logical questions you're just going to scratch the surface of the onion let's imagine that the onion has a beautiful gold center that is pure gold in the center we actually need to peel these layers off so the initial answers we give our ego driven so those are the first answers we give so the way that we've discovered

doing and people I work with is to use meditation so the thing that meditation does is break through that firewall and it's a really simple practice so I've produced a simple meditation I've called the soul star meditation which is going to be available which is going to be available on our website but there's something that we actually run in our in our play shops as we call and we choose for it and we

actually sit with people and these meditations don't take more than 15 minutes and after they've meditated that come out of that state they then answer a series of questions and it's amazing how surprised a lot of people are we also use a technique of visualization which is founded on NLP neuro neuro linguistic programming another another scientific pseudo-scientific to tip my hat to the science scientists out there but intuitively it just works and it's just a

way of retraining your brain and so ease of visualization technique again we go into a meditation format and we look and imagine a future where the project we're working on is already successful and we just painted picture of what that looks like and those two simple techniques if done on their own we have an online course where he can actually access those tools yourself those two simple techniques really within the space of a

few hours you've got fantastic insights into what's inside here and it's very hard I mean there are psychiatrists and psychologists that can do it but that even they get you into a deeper state it's called an alpha State we are actually suspending that conscious mind status where you're thinking hard you know there's steam coming off this part of the brain you know so yeah that it's it's actually relatively straightforward but you have to go

in with the right mindset you have to be open to it if you go in saying you know this is just a load of rubbish I'm just going through the motions here you won't open up you won't clear that firewall and why do you think there are times that although we know what we should be doing you know we do tend to sometimes self sabotage ourselves or like we should be working

on this what we just can't have that focus well that's because we're all human I I'd call that mind chatter okay you know I'm reading it another fantastic book book called a squared by Pam grout and it's about how we can do some really simple things to focus ourselves on our purpose and use the energy that's all around us to actually bring stuff to ourselves but the reality is you know what we

live in a very caustic world you know driven by negative media and I think that that and also a foundation in particular in the Western society that'sthat's founded on dog eat dog so if you have that mentality of scarcity I never seem to get an even break I've got to work really hard to succeed rather than suspending that thinking going actually I'm really clear on what I want and I'm going to work towards

that that's the difference so the self sabotage I think comes from the society we live in and I'm an incurable optimist I believe that society is going to change dramatically in the next 20 years we're going to wake up to the fact they're a lot of people already waking up to the fact that the old paradigm of the old way of thinking that leads to that self sabotage it says I'm not good

enough yeah because I've seen some model that's been touched up you know on a computer and that's how I want to look or I've see a hugely successful public speak I could never do that you can we're all capable of doing those things but we have to get to the Y first then that's the start point for everything for me once you start to get closer to your purpose your true purpose and

take away the ego and the self-doubt that's one great things happen and I've been through a very uncomfortable journey um okay i'm talking about first world problems here i have 2 caveat man you know i'm living a comfortable western society but within that context it's been a process of self doubt over the last few years and i'm starting to emerge through that and it's wonderful someone said to me recently they'd seen me about six

months ago thank you different well it's about you that's changed um you seen Karma you seem more confident but not cocky hmm what's going on I said well I've got closer to what I believe I'm here to do and as I got closer to that things have just started to get clearer and previously it would be like the bright shiny object factor which I think a lot of us suffer someone comes up

with idea we go oh yeah great I'll go for that we're not being pulled in all these different directions being sold to once you've got that clarity once you've got your moral compass set in terms of who you want to be what you want to create in the work that you do it's almost like you know the passing of the Dead Sea or the Red Sea and you see a path starting

to emerge and you start to lose a lot of that head chatter and that confusion that self down it pops back up it's not instantaneous yeah but as it starts to clear so for me the key word is clarity once you get that clarity the self sabotage and the self-doubt starts to drop off and why do you think there has been this new shift into this spiritual oh that's a much deeper conversation

yeah look I think there's general awakening it's I think it's two-pronged firstly people are getting fed up people are getting overwhelmed the choice that we've got in the West is great on one hand but also blow blows a fuse in on the other I think there's a revolution in media and social media and on the internet and that's given a massive awakening to the choice but it's also really confused as to where we

should go and I think the other part of it is there's a general movement a general awareness people call it call it the age of a choir is people are waking up to the fact that there's more to life and again logically there's this breakdown in organized religion so there's this big hole this big gap in people's hearts in terms of why am I here and surely there must be more to life

than bling so I think that's going on I think there's some other stuff going on some shifts going on in the general kind of global thinking if you like there's force people into a situation where their ink inquisitive they want to know what this is about they can feel down here that this makes sense if the word of us what you've always collect over the words this collective consciousness there's a collective consciousness we're

actually all connected and I think we're all cut started to recognize that and what's prompting it is that the feeling of people living in silos you know we're living more in the apartments the single dwelling of homes just blossomed in the last 15 years as I said earlier there's no priests that we can go to and share our in your thoughts we don't look like an idiot and ask our best mate you

know what do you think about life the universe and everything but it's it's a question that people are asking so in that silo mentality we're looking for a connection and I think that's why people are now interested in finding more about how does the world really work and has my brain work you know and what's the next step you know if we follow this through fully are you talking about telepathy yeah being being

a real you know commercial viability at the moment you know people have said that they can read minds stuff we also nested a load of rubbish but the science is now being beginning to prove that there is a collective consciousness and it is possible to connect and so many stories you hear about parents that intuitively know when their kids are in trouble and someone dies and the loved one knows instantly yeah what's happened

how do we explain that well we can't but we know there's something there and I think the interesting thing back to your original question about science is the science is now coming up to explain stuff that people have talked about for years and a lot of the stuff that's been practiced in the east for millennia it went out starting to prove it scientifically because particularly in the West we want to know how these things

work but the first stage have to lead with trust you know it's that faith argument you know how can you prove something well I can't like just feel it's right so as we trust that feeling more it's going to help us across all categories of our lives we can have better relationships we're going to have you know personal relationships we're going to meet people that are right for us we're going to as

business owners we're going to make connections with the right kind of clients we're going to keep those clients longer you know it's just it's a win-win situation and for me it's like stop science meets spirituality well thank you so much Jocelyn I wish you all the best success when you unleash your beast really fairly interesting you you

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Entrepreneurship mindset 7you so Justin how does entrepreneurial mindset and psychology actually fit together well for me Kristin I think the key is engagement. We think in business that all we've got to do is tell people what we do, and they'll say great where do I sign? But the reality is we have to have a deeper connection a deeper conversation with that person and a lot of this stuff happens subconsciously and this issomething that I've picked up reading some brain books in the last few years I've been...