My BIGGEST mistake with a DJI Phantom 3

hey guys big welcome back as always today I am going to be doing a video that was made in Mexico and I hate to say but this is going to be a confessional video I messed up big-time big-time big-time big-time like I've never messed up with my drone in the past and unfortunately you guys will end up seeing the results and hopefully I can become a better DJI pilot

from this and teach others from my mistakes I didn't discover this mistake actually until last night this was a flight that I made in Mexico when did we go I guess back in November or something November 6 and to the left of the screen you're going to see I'm going to lift up and you'll get a better view of it you'll end up seeing something there now before we get too far into

this I'd like to say that I'm flying right next to a lifeguard I was flying in front of police and a lifeguard I asked permission before taking this flight and there was no problem there's they had no issues with that Beach was full of people so I tried to stay out over the water to kind of you know minimize any risk which is important and so I'm out cruising around and I want

to just explain to those that don't know the gimbal is a little bit shaky and there's going to be some big shakes it was really windy so basically it's just not reefs entering properly always sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't it's catching on some glue from a repair that's besides the point that's got nothing to do with this video and I want to you know hopefully just wait and I'll show you what went

wrong but I felt it important to upload this unedited so just in case people are curious this is Playa del Carmen in Mexico and it's a it's a beautiful place the the water comes up a little green on the on the video I didn't do a color correction or anything this is directly off the camera it was definitely a lot bluer while we were there but the just probably something do with whitebalance or

recording settings that might have been recorded in logger vivid not really sure but anyhow right there center of the screen that's the lifeguard stand I'm standing right there having a great time flying around and there's going to be some cool stuff to see along with the lesson that you're hopefully going to learn that I've learned we're going to come check out some ships and just kind of well I'm flying around I want to

actually just say thank you to all my new subscribers I hit fifty six hundred which is really cool for me that's awesome you know what I mean it's a love watching these numbers go up and I kind of run a bit of a different channel than most and almost people have a dedicated subject on their channels and I've kind of got a mix of drones aquariums dirt bike snowmobiles you know commentary this that

in the other and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing really it's quite possible that it hurts me but it's very similarly possible that it could it could help me grow my channel so I'm sorry I talked about that while we're here while we're waiting for my screw-up don't worry don't fast forward guys it's coming in all good time you'll you'll get to see what I've done and

that is actually it looks like a cruise ship or something but it's not it's actually just a ferry boat if you want to go to Cozumel it's right across from where we were and and we're a little south of Cancun so you can take that boat for like eight or ten bucks and zip on over to Cozumel and go shopping it's like an island or something and we didn't do it we had

wanted to but it was ended up being a pretty busy trip and we just never got the chance but it's uh it's pretty cool it was nice seeing it I would just paint that white you can call it a luxury yacht myself and or paint the whole thing lime green what does it matter right but I'm going to go and cruise over and we're going to go check out that para Sailor

here and so as I was looking at him I was talking to the lifeguard and he like oh you know whatever he's watching what I was doing and he's like that's cool and you know he's like don't get too close and I was like oh don't worry I wouldn't you know last thing I want to do is hurt somebody and but really what I do is worse than that so stay tuned

I know I'm building some suspense here but it's actually yeah don't worry we'll we'll get there doesn't that look beautiful you're probably if you're like me you live somewhere where it's really really cold right now and I know a lot of you do I'm up in Canada over near Toronto and it's cold here we've got a little bit of snow not too much but watching these videos back of these nice hot places really

you know makes you feel warm inside as you're wishing you were there but I guess another thing I'll mention is we'll be going away on a cruise and I don't know a couple months I'm not sure exactly when but we might we might throw our trip to Cuba again and January or something or February but then we're doing a cruise in April or May and if we do I may pick up

a nano drone obviously I'm not going to be able to bring my phantom on the cruise and you know to do all the ports but they got some cool nano drones I saw this one that they had a Kickstarter for and it's got like antique rash technology GPS and all that now it's not a stabilized gimbal though it's got a 1080 camera but it's a fixed camera so the video may not be

the best but you know what some video is better no video so I may go ahead and grab that they're like two or three hundred bucks or something like that so reasonable price for for a micro drone that actually has the GPS and 1080 and all that and if I do I'll bring that with me and I plan on flying that it's so small when they even notice it so whatever anyhow

so we're still continuing to check out these boats and let's kind of just flying around out there looking I was actually while I was flying as a little angry get the screen I can see the vibration on my iPad and I was really upset about that but before my trip I did not want to risk trying to repair the gimbal further and then also not be able to get it back together basically

I did the glue repair and I touched it before I should have and messed it up so it's kind of made it so I haven't had done as many flights as I want to just because it's a you know it's a little upsetting when you know that the flights are going to come out shaky I just really got to take some time sit down very quietly and carefully and try to get

it back apart so I can recenter it and glue it a little more carefully and then let it sit and dry properly but don't worry guys I haven't forgotten about what I've done wrong we'll we're definitely getting there but I wanted to be sure to put this video up raw unedited so that you get the whole flight sorry it's going to be a long one it's about 15 minutes hopefully I can keep

you guys for that long anyway so it's really cool watching this guy I did want to go closer but obviously I didn't want to risk that you know if there's a delay in my feed of even a second or something like that there would be the potential that I think I'm further back than I really am so we can't risk that when it comes to somebody dangling in the air obviously and

so here I just said okay that's enough of following him I think and we're going to go and check out the show I'm just adjusting the camera get whitewashed a bit but I do get a lot of people commenting about flying over water they're very nervous to fly over water to me I almost prefer to fly over water in in the most likely scenario of somewhere to go wrong I lose my drone

whatever I'm out 1,500 bucks I lose my drone I buy another one you know versus crashing on land you could potentially seriously hurt somebody your property or kill somebody you really you know there's a lot of things that could go wrong obviously you can't fly assuming things are going to go wrong though or else none of us could fly anywhere because if you do the math on it the strong with the 20-minute flight

and it goes fifty kilometres an hour max speed if you popped it right up into the air and from the very start it did a fly off it's not like a 32 kilometers before it drops out of the sky so sometimes I get nasty comments about you know where I fly and stuff and with that kind of range pretty much all of us could be said that we endanger people you know what

I mean but here we go we're getting ready I think to to show where I messed up and and it was a good one it's a doozy I'll tell you that much but down in the middle of the screen there there's like a cool Triton and mermaid statue thing I really wanted to fly under that but with all the kids I thought I better not so I just kind of came in

for a quick little glimpse and we're gonna cruise along here and dump them ton it's coming man it's beautiful there Canada's beautiful country but it's damn cold in the winter and here we go guys I hope you're ready for this and you know I'm going to hopefully everyone can appreciate the fact that I uploaded this and you know across my night mine not to upload it I really honestly I thought of not uploading

it I thought wow what would people think of me and you know but flying with a with a lifeguard and a cop and the cops not one cop took several cops right there there it is see the left hand of the screen what you may think looks like a very short you know six-lane highway is not that is an airport that is an airport I don't know how I didn't realize it

on my on my tablet I was watching it and I guess I just thought it was a road or something I never I never even noticed and you'll actually even as I get closer to the beach you'll even see the airplanes there none were flying thankfully really thankfully I couldn't imagine I'm very disappointed in myself for this flight like I said I didn't even realize it - last night I flew this flight months

ago and I didn't even notice it till last night I've even watched the flight back and I still had never I just you know scrolled through it and I saw it was shaky that's why I never uploaded it and so last night I was doing a voiceover and it wasn't really noticed I didn't really notice it didn't think much of it or whatever well has been the voiceover and then I decided to

sit and play the video back before uploading it and I was like what the hell is that and I looked closely and I can see airplanes and I was like oh shit wow really and I didn't notice it I can't believe it and so obviously that's very reckless I'm very surprised that the DJI app let me fly right next to an airport because that's definitely not more than five kilometers from that Airport and

so the apt is pretty good at stopping you when I want to fly downtown Toronto by the airport there it said no like wouldn't let me take off by there and which I was trying by the way it like 1:00 in the morning it long after the airport closed the closes I like 5:30 or 6:30 or something but I'm going to scroll back over there in a minute to scroll back fly back

over there in a minute but um yeah how's that how's that guys like you know maybe comment below how would you feel if this was your flight would you have uploaded it or is that something you would have just deleted the video and pretend that didn't happen why would you handle that because I was really thinking not to upload it and I was over I had a buddy's place tonight and I showed

him you know I said you know what IRA screwed up big time I said I can't upload that look what I did and he said you know why tell people what you did tell people how simple it is to make a mistake or whatever and I said you know what that's right that's I think what I'm going to do and so Here I am doing it obviously you can see the way

I'm flying around I didn't even notice the airport at the time so but it just goes to show you that yeah really I guess somehow have to be really aware of your surroundings but for me in my case like I didn't have internet there so there was no map there was no Google or earth on my screen and you would think that one of the cops or the lifeguard or the locals that

were sitting there next to me somebody would say you know error plano or something but nobody had anything to say they just thought it was cool and not was that they all just sat there watching me fly and you know they they spoke English so it's I'm not I'm not putting the fault on them the fault is my own but I just mean in that situation you would have expected that they may

say oh you know don't know no you can't there's an airplanes but at the same time they may not view it as a safety concern as much as we do here in you know in Canada and us you know maybe their laws are more lenient they you know there's a few places they wouldn't allow me to fly I couldn't fly it out at Shell ha or the ruins I've got lots

of videos from the ruins and and shell ha are xel-há whatever we want to call it anyway a cool snorkelling park I'm going to upload some videos from that too so like I said I upload all kinds of different videos yeah they're really cool I had done one little quick clip before but I'm going to show you the whole thing but there's the end of the airport you can see how close I

really was and I feel really bad for that just you know knowing that there's the potential that I could have really you know something really could have gone bad out of this and all I can do is chalk it up as a serious lesson learned and do my best to learn from it I can't promise I'm still not going to fly places I've never gone because that's the whole idea the drone of

course is to you know fly around new places but I think I'm going to when it comes to flying like this high up in the air I think I'm going to maybe try to make sure that I have cell signal and have the map first and kind of you know take a look at the land on the map not only that I don't understand how I didn't recognize that as an airport

well looking at my I mean I don't know it's obviously very very small Airport it's going to be like little Cessna style planes it's not a big International Airport or anything but yeah it just kind of you know I guess when you're watching a little screen it's sunny out and you know the heat of the moment I'm trying to get my get through my fly to get people watching you just didn't recognize it

as such so they do have a beautiful country though I've got several other Mexico videos up if you guys want to watch them just coming down lower now keep in mind I actually still would be say the height I'm at right now which I believe is about the original height I was at I would still be pretty comfortable flying there at the beach at that height you know what I mean I wouldn't have

had too much concerns about an airplane at this height because like I said with the whole 30-kilometer thing it's I could have been thirty kilometres away and still flew off and hit a hit a hit a plane and as of yet there's no actual documented case of a drone hitting a plane definitely not defending clients aying but I think that's going to pretty well wrap it up guys I do appreciate you watching leave

your comments below and hopefully we can all especially me learn from my mistakes coming into the new year and thanks for watching hopefully you'll subscribe and hit that like button

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hey guys big welcome back as always today I am going to be doing a video that was made in Mexico and I hate to say but this is going to be a confessional video I messed up big-time big-time big-time big-time like I've never messed up with my drone in the past and unfortunately you guys will end up seeing the results and hopeful...