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Get Stock market Quotes in Microsoft Excel Automatically

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Stock Market Quotes: Download the Excel spreadsheet that can automatically get stock quotes from Yahoo Finance - no VBA coding required!

Works in Excel 2007, Excel, 2010, and Excel 2013.

Monitor and analyze your stock portfolio right from this Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet provides you with custom-built formulas and a template with graphs and charts to get stock quotes from Yahoo finance. No tinkering with VBA code, and no complicated installation process required. Have your stock symbols ready, download the spreadsheet, enable the marcos, and the spreadsheet simply just works right out of the box.

The file comes with 19 custom-built formulas, listed below in alphabetical order, that perform the magic of fetching stock information from Yahoo Finance. Use the custom-built formulas just like any built-in formulas.

Returns the ask price.
Example: =StockAsk("CAT")

Returns the bid price.
Example: =StockBid("UTX")

Returns the dollar value change in stock price since it last closed.
Example: =StockChange("MSFT")

Returns the change in stock price as a percent.
Example: =StockChangeInPercent("NFLX")

Returns the highest trade price for the day.
Example: =StockDaysHigh("FB")

Returns the lowest trade price for the day.
Example: =StockDaysLow("IBM")

Returns the dividend per share.
Example: =StockDividendPerShare("TXN")

Returns the dividend yield.
Example: =StockDividendYield("CSCO")

Returns the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.
Example: =StockEBITDA("PAA")

Returns the earnings per share.
Example: =StockEPS("CCE")

Returns the market capitalization.
Example: =StockMarketCapitalization("MSI")

Returns the name of the company, limited to a maximum length of 17 characters due to the API.
Example: =StockName("C")

Returns the open price.
Example: =StockOpen("QCOM")

Returns the price to earnings ratio.
Example: =StockPERatio("BA")

Returns the closing price on the previous trading day.
Example: =StockPreviousClose("WTW")

Returns delayed stock quote from Yahoo finance.
Example: =StockQuote("AMZN")

Returns the number of shares traded for the day.
Example: =StockVolume("RHT")

Returns the 52-week high.
Example: =StockYearHigh("INTU")

Returns the 52-week low.
Exampe: =StockYearLow("NVDA")

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