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Best Laptop for college student? The Lenovo Y50 4K

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Best Budget Windows Laptop review: is the lenovo y50 4k worth it? Lenovo y50 4k review


Hey guys Troy Bradshaw here from itsGINGY.COM. So a little background before entering this video…
I am a college student and find myself constantly on the go; however I am also an Information Systems student. So I have found myself torn looking for a laptop that can both satisfy my portable, light, on the go needs while still have enough power to perform pen testing, house multiple operating systems and code fluently. BUT! I think I may have found the perfect laptop, and this is a mini review of that item. The Lenovo Y50…4K edition.
For quick simplicities sake I have shortened this video review to a mere 3 part review and listed the, “in depth review” over on my website at itsGINGY.COM which is right under that like button in the description.
Part 1: The design/exterior.
The unit comes with a brush aluminum top finish, a red keyboard that has three different lighting options, a sort of navy finish around the keyboard, some red/black contrast with the sides and USB 3.0 ports and a 4K display. All of which perform beautifully! The keyboard is by far the best keyboard I have found on a laptop. One that I am comfortable typing with for hours. It also feels great when gaming, which I found to be one of the most overlooked components when purchasing a potential gaming laptop. You don’t realize how much you enjoy a good keyboard until one is placed right in front of you. The unit itself isn’t as thin as a macbook air and it’s definitely not as light but I have found that those factors really don’t mean a thing when the trade for those features is about 6 more cores and a dedicated graphics card.
The screen is housed by a 4K display; but before you think it makes the price of the laptop 500$ more than it should be because of that feature, think again! Lenovo was actually able to get this gorgeous display on their unit while still keeping it cheap. The display itself is one that doesn’t blow you away at first. In fact it really doesn’t seem worth it while using it at the beginning. But I have found that there is a “high resolution effect” that takes place when using this. But Gingy I don’t quite understand…what do you mean by that resolution effect? While after a couple weeks with the unit I have found that when I go to my desktop that is only housed by 720P monitors or a different laptop I immediately have a very hard time staring at them comfortably. I don’t realize how low resolution they are until I’ve used the y50 4K for a while. After that effect takes place you gain some gratitude for the display but I still find myself with mixed emotions on the whole “4K” need in general regardless of it being on a laptop or a TV.
Part 2: The internals.
This is a harder section to review because everyone’s set up will be different depending on how much you are willing to spend. I have the intel core i7 4700HQ CPU, 16GB of RAM, NVIDIA GTX 860M 2GB graphics card, 256gb SSD, 15.6 inch 4K display all running windows 8.1 and a partition of Kali Linux.
All I can really say in this section is that it performs every task I throw at it while maintaining a relatively cool CPU temp. It is able to run light 4K gaming tasks at comfortable FPS and run 1080P gaming at a great FPS.
Other information concerning benchmarks and other statistics will be housed on my website.

Part 3: The conclusion.
Is this worth it? At the time of this recording the item is going for 1299.99 on Amazon new and around 900 used and or refurbished. For that new price I would say no. It is not worth it; however, at the used/refurbished price…for how many 4K laptops are out there (if you must have that high resolution) then you really can’t beat it. The y50 series is great for an all-around student like myself, but the price to performance ratio is just a tad too high for me. I would recommend getting the y50 that is housing a 1080P screen or even quite possibly looking towards another laptop series UNLESS you are able to find this laptop for 700-1000 bucks. In which case it would be definitely worth the price!

Anyways you guys I hope you enjoyed the video and if you did be sure to hit that like button and subscribe if you haven’t. Also if you interested in the unit I will have an amazon link down below to check it out and you can check out the in depth review on my site over at…
Anyways you guys thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in the next one. Peace!

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